Monthly Archives: September 2004

Check your systems

Jpeg Virus (windows only of course) []

Claiming my Feedster Blog

One week of hell

Right then…..I tried to recover the data on my Suse Drive but alas to no vail. I bought a new drive and installed Linspire on it. It is a really nice Distro and their CNR application installation centre is second to none. But some things wouldn't work, PHP for one. I have thousands of photos […]

QTParted Killed by baby

I was trying to resize the main partition on my Suse Box so I could install Linspire. I was using QTParted from a Knoppix live CD. It finished with an error. I had a look at the partition table and nothing had changed so i presumed everything was ok…… Oh No it wasn't. I can't […]

Virus and Linspire

I was around at my inlaws house last weekend and was asked to have a look at their PC as it was playing up. They have AOL and seemingly they were getting a ton of pop-ups. I knew that AOL has some pop-ups but not a ton of them so I booted up and logged […]

Mini iPod

My Housemate just got a mini iPod and it is really great. Just like the regular ipod, it just appears in itunes and playlists galore are loaded on. There is one drawback however …. it's Pink. An update on the memory issue. The memory I bought on ebay did not work. It was defective. I […]