Monthly Archives: August 2004

RocheMobil no longer Irish

The RocheMobile is sadly no longer Irish, It was stripped of it's irish plates last week and replaced with a white and a yellow english one. It was a sad day but I still have the plates to reminisce over. I'v ebeen busy in work and at home but I'm making an effort to blog […]

Check out my Moblog

I've added a new feature to the right of the page.. My Moblog (Mobile Blog). I use at the moment and it seems really cool. You email or MMS your picture from your phone to them and it appears on your Moblog. This Moblog has an RSS feed which I have pulled in on […]

Alan and Jean home bound..

I forgot to welcome home Enda and Tara too…… see y'all soon

Amacom ez2

Just bought an external USB2.0/Firewire Hard Drive ( It's really nice, 120GB for only £97 [Ebay of course]. My Mac sees it fine and Windows does (I haven't tried yet but I know it will). My Suse box however does not see it which is a pisser but Suse does have problems with External USB […]

Suse and Fonts

On the hunt for some wicked fonts…… try . I thought it would be a hassle installing fonts in Linux but it was a breeze and they appear in most applications too which is great. All you have to do is download the fonts "True Type" fonts I chose and copy them to the […]

CSS and more

Doing tons of CSS stuff lately and really loving it. I have found some supreb reference sites: AlistApart IE7 StuNichols W3CShools Web Standards CSS Zen Garden(Zen Garden Interface Tool) Jeffrey Zeldman (his book rules) MezzoBlue Flumpcakes CSS Optimiser Web standards CheckList CSS Destroy CSS Play There are probably tons more but these are class. From […]

CSS Optimisation

I was working with CSS menus last week and once again learned lots about the scurge of  cross platform cross browser support (MAC IE in particular). On my travels, I found which is truly excellent, every css I threw at it, it managed to optimise. Another which i could not live without is the […]

Install nightmare

Absolute nightmare trying to install Linux today. I was trying to install Linux alongside XP pro in work. I first tried a copied copy of RHEL but that failed, presumably beacuse of a disk error (it just claimed it couldn't find a file so it decided to just kick me out), then I tried installing […]