Monthly Archives: July 2004

Busy Busy

I've been tres busy lately, but I have been able to squeeze in some late night Aggreg8 stuff. Now I have super new Firefox 9 install script and overlays. I am having trouble writing to a file in the users profile directory though but I'll solve that soon no doubt. The new version will be […]


IRiver Creeping towards ipod

I'm still using my Iriver H100 and still loving it but there were some things that i felt were lacking., see: . It seems my shortcomings have been dealt with. File deletion and on the fly playlists. The firmware is not realeased yet but I can't wait. If any mac users also use Linux […]

DMOZ Listing

DMOZListing :). I must apologise profusely to all who have been incontact regarding work on Aggreg8. I have been Uber busy, setting up shop here in the UK. I am now sorted though, finally got myself a job(, and have my office sorted too. I have another project I am working on now though, which […]


One of the reasons I don't like flash sites is I have no control over how a link behaves…. I open all links in new tabs.. In flash you can't do that. I also saw Maxthon, a project that turns IE into a tabbed heaven. I'll try install through Cross Over office and report my […]

Sad day..

My Grandads funeral was on Friday last. A very sad day but, it's a part of life eh?. We went fishing on Saturday in my grandads favourite lake and netted 19 fine looking trout. mmmmmmmm!!!!. I might say that it was my grandad giving us good luck but if you've seen Peter Kay's joke about […]

Technology changes everything

I travelled over to Norway with my Dad and my brother. We were in Copenhagen for a few hours and those of you that know Copenhagen know that it is a huge airport so it will come as no surprise when I tell you that I lost the other two. How do you think I […]


I'm in Oslo ariport at the moment hooked up on a 2 for 1 account (they don't know about it though as me and my dad are logged on with the same details). I've been playing with Fink and just installed the Dillo browser which I also have installed on my Suse box. I have […]

The ultimate machine

Finally after 3 re-installs I managed to get my dream machine up and running. My new machine arrived yesterday afternoon. It’s a Packard Bell iXtreme 6092 (minus monitor). It’s got an AMD 3000+ Processor with 512 MB RAM, 80GB hard drive and a DVD writer. And all for a very palpable GBP310, from ebay of […]

* Get a job … check

Well it took a while but in the midst of our family's misfortune. I managed to get a job. It's with and I am really looking forward to it.