Monthly Archives: June 2004


I've been using Fire as my IM client on OS X but after reading an article on /. I tried Adium, it's brilliant and what do you know tabs feature, which is always a massive bonus. If you're still using individual IM clients (ie one for MSN and one for ICQ) then you need to […]


If you've got a gmail invite going, I would love to have one…..Cheers.. I've been trying on but no joy yet. Update: Thanks to Ste and Roberto for replying….

Long Time

Right then, I guess you're due a long update…. I'm now back in England, trying to set up shop. I have been ripping out and then decorating the spare room in preparation for my new office. I signed up for broadband with Internet Central and was due to receive connection on monday but on thursday […]

Wifi F*^%ing rules

Wandered into my grandads house looking at sorry ass dial up access. I tried to dial up on my mac but wouldn't connect (wrong password), so I turned on wifi for a laugh and what do you know, one of the neighbours has an open wifi network…..sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. I've been doing alot of cv writing and […]

Why oh why won’t it go dark?

Right then you blog whores, it is now 2:30 am and I am sitting on the night train from Trondheim to Bodo. As some of you might already know, Norway is completely light in the summer months. When people say this they are not exaggerating. It is completely light out as if it were 6pm. […]