Monthly Archives: May 2004

Gisajob Go on you know you want to

CV and Vivisimo

You have got to check out Vivisimo .. it's really really good… categorised search results. I have updated my CV/Resume so if you know of anybody with jobs going point them here or to

Heia Norge

Well folks, it has been a while, since last I have moved all my stuff over to England, Travelled to Norway where I am now visiting my family. Having a ball over here, eating great norwegian food and doing tons of outdoor stuff as the norwegians do. I've applied for a few Monster jobs so […]

I’m home

I've been home for a while now but I haven't been able to update my weblog. We arrived into manchester last week after one hell of a long flight. I have had a quite eventful week, I have effectively moved to england, I caused a gas leak after hammering a nail through a gas pipe […]


Here I am (free wi-fi) in KLIA airport about to get on a 14 hour 20 minute flight. I just hope to God that they have good movies. We touch down in my new homeland (England) at 5:50am on sunday morning. Then a few days in my new gaff and then home to ireland to […]


It is just tooooo damn hot for me and what do you know, on the second last day of my year away I get burnt on my belly. I've been trying all year to do that. I hurts like hell though. We've been in Malaysia for aboiut a week now and it is great. Loads […]