Monthly Archives: February 2004

Mozilla on a handheld??

See Minimo []…. really cool

French Article on Aggreg8

In Aggreg8's referrers I found a new article on Aggreg8, It's in French but you can translate it through google translate. If anybody wants to translate Aggreg8 into their native non-english tongue then please drop me a line, I'll send the files i need translated. Wouldn't take more than half an hour :).

Browser City

Currently installed on my iBook, for testing and for fun: FireFox Firebird Mozilla Camino Safari Netscape 7 Opera OmniWeb Internet Explorer That's alot of browsers ?. My default is Firefox but I have been using OmniWeb(5 beta) which is really nice. I also like Opera 6 (7 is not released for Mac yet). It's nice […]

Aggreg8 Stats and Soluveb

Hey Ho, We are finally beginning to get our heads around having to live with diabetes (after all If Gill is on a special diet it means that I am too). Plenty of blod glucose monitor and needle gadgets to play with which is cool. Over the last week I have been working on my […]

Learning about Diabetes

Hey Ho cronies, I've not been updating lately as I have been v busy in work and also this weekend after a week of Gill being fairly ill, we decided to go to the doctor, who sent us to the hospital where after blood checks, it was found that Gillian has Type 1 Diabetes. We […]