Monthly Archives: January 2004

Weather isn’t always great!

philAs you can see the weather isn't always great in Sydney. This picture is taken on a day out at Watsons Bay. There was lightning too but I couldn't get it on camera, That would have been a great pictures eh?. I've been really busy lately with work and personal stuff too. I've found a really good (so far anyway) hosting provider []. This is where I will host Soluveb and it's clients webpages. I got a shared account (Standard) with upto 8 domains for US$5.95 a month, that's with 250MB Storage and 10GB bandwidth. It was a really nice admin section (CPanel). I am still waiting for the DNS entries to filter out. If it works out I might even move over there. Anyway Sya… Only 1 calendar month left in work wooohoooo!!!!.

ILife 04

phil I bought iLife 04 in my local applecentre today , I haven't installed the new Garageband yet but i have installed iPhoto and iMovie and they seem to be pretty smashing. iPhoto has been improved tremendously. It took a while for it to upgrade my photo library but once it had upgraded and loaded then it was miles faster. It still takes a while to load the library but once it has loaded….. it's like lightning (compared to what it was)… very pleased with it I am. iMovie seems to be quicker too but then again I never really used it before. So.. First impressions suggest that iLife was well worth the $79 I spent…. Go and get a copy now :).

PHP Life mantra

After reading Friday Five (I read it sometimes if I am lacking blog content). Today they had  a "what would your epitaph read?" question.. so in the form of PHP I give you , notexactly an epitaph but amusing none the less.
if($life == null && $fun == "had")   
    die("happy camper");
        while($life != null)
            $fun =  "having";

Freak someone out.

Customizing Firebird even more with CSS…. You can override a pages css with this and also block flash and images and all sorts… If you detest blinking text.. you can now turn it off. It's really neat. I uploaded a whole load of new mp3s to my iRiver so i now have 2030 songs totalling 9 GigaBytes.. Plenty to listen to I'd say eh??. There was also a new firmware upgrade available which gave some new features.. I am still waiting for on the fly playlists like on the iPod. On another note … why does iTunes not have an option to export to m3u playlist format?? (there are applescripts to do it but hey don't seem to work).

Macs use a file system called HFS, hfs uses resource forks which stores details about any file in aother file of the same name save for a "._" prefix. This is really annoying when copying to a non HFS Volume (like my iRiver ). There is a way around this : use the unix cp command in the terminal which ignores the resource fork for the file.(the ditto command does not ignore it). So to copy from hardisk to my iRiver I used the following command :
cp -Rv /Users/philroche/Music/ihp100/* /Volumes/IHP-100/
This saved me a tremendous amount of heartache. HFS(Hierarchical File System) also stores a .DS_Store file in each directory which also show up sometimes in non-HFS  filesystems. I could just have recursively deleted these from the terminal but I found DS_Store Cleaner which is a GUI which does the same job. So with my cp terminal command and DS_Store Cleaner I am fully equiped to have a finely tuned MP3 Player (Albeit minus playlists).


Now and then after a big purchase, I get uneasy…. I start noticing products that are better or cheaper. This does my head in and has happened with 3 of the 4 last big purchases.phil

  • Pentax Optio S: has dropped from $800 to $579 in 6 months and there  is now an S4 with 4 megapixels. In defence (argument to self), I love my Optio S and I did but it when it was just released and I don't think I would ever need 4 megapixels.
  • Iriver IHP 100 10 Gig MP3 JukeBox: Iriver have released a 20GB and a 40GB model since and since playing with iPods I wonder if an ipod would have been a better decision (iPods also sync easier with the mac). In defence, Iriver has more features, has a very solid build, has radio, has recording built in (both voice and from Optical in), I didn't have the iBook when i bought it, Battery Life is Far superior, plays Ogg files.
  • Iriver IMP 550 Mp3 CD Player: I am completely happy with this. It is the slimmest cd player I have ever seen and it has a radio built in to boot.
  • 12 inch iBook G4: This is a great laptop and i wouldn't be without it but browsing Ebay has revealed 17 inch powerbooks for AU$ 2000, completely specced up. In defence , prices like AU$2000 when it should be AU$5600 indicate that there could be something bogus going on??, As I bought mine direct from Apple , I am guaranteed that if something did go wrong I would be dealt with properly.

After getting it all down on paper(???) I feel a bit better. Does this happen everybody or is it just me?



As you can see I am running amock with PhotoShop on the iBook (all the photos used are my own), There is so many features, it's not even funny and trying to experiment with it for only a few minutes a day is by no means enough. I came a cross a fun site today : . Some really wacky words in there.

There is a moonlight cinema here in Sydney that shows movies outdoors after sunset, I haven't gone yet but some of my mates have (to see "Ferris Buellers Day off") and said that it was excellent. I became a member today which entitles me to 4 free tickets ($44 for membership). There is some really cool movies coming up, it'll sure be different watching it outdoors with a coldie in my hand… glamour.

ILife 04

philIt's not often I fork out money for software, but today I ordered iLife 04 in my local AppleCenter. It cose $80 AU which is about 45 Euro. For that you get iPhoto 4(supposedly much much faster than iPhoto 2 – the main reason for buying th iLife suite), iMovie 4 (I definitely want to start doing some small movies in this), iDVD (for when I get a DVD burner) and the new GarageBand for all your sound studio needs. For the price it is absolutely amazing and hopefully well worth the investment. I should have it by thursday next week so I'll post a review then.

As I said the main reason for getting iLife 04 is for iPhoto. I have iPhoto 2 installed and have 1800 photos in my library but it is excrutiatingly slow, I installed iView Media Pro 2.0 which is alot quicked but it is not as usable as iPhoto. iView seems to be an App for storing and organising all media types, not only photos. As all I need it for is Photos, it's alot of overkill. The speed increase in iPhoto might all be hype though 🙁 .

Since installing PHPWiki on the iBook I have grown to really like it. It is really neat and the theory behind has proven itself. I'll be making a Philroche theme soon, and then having a wiki…while I do that i am going to remove my IRC app as it never gets used and looks a bit shit to be honest.

Dose of the Flu


After a bad dose of the flu, I'm back alive and kicking. It (was) is weird having the flu when it is hot outside all the time, I had a killer sore throat but after some anti-biotics , it seems to have cleared up. I've spent the weekend getting Apache, PHP and MYSQL running on my Mac. It took some configuring (as Tenon iTools 7 messed everything up [their uninstall script isn't worth a shite]). I now have a new version of Apache2 running, Mysql and PHP. It is really sweet to have all this running as i can start some development without having to have net access. I installed PHPWiki which is really neat, and I will defintely be using it for documentation of future projects. I haven't put many photos up lately but I will get some up I promise. Frank Del Tore (aka Big Frank Smyth) has some road trip and christmas photos up now @ I've been working with PHP Smarty (PHP Template Engine) whch is really neat and well worth a butchers. PostCalendar uses it so you might as well have a look at postcalendar while you're at it.