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Monthly Archives: January 2004

Weather isn’t always great!

As you can see the weather isn't always great in Sydney. This picture is taken on a day out at Watsons Bay. There was lightning too but I couldn't get it on camera, That would have been a great pictures eh?. I've been really busy lately with work and personal stuff too. I've found a […]

Me in work … nice set up eh?

ILife 04

I bought iLife 04 in my local applecentre today , I haven't installed the new Garageband yet but i have installed iPhoto and iMovie and they seem to be pretty smashing. iPhoto has been improved tremendously. It took a while for it to upgrade my photo library but once it had upgraded and loaded then […]

PHP Life mantra

After reading Friday Five (I read it sometimes if I am lacking blog content). Today they had  a "what would your epitaph read?" question.. so in the form of PHP I give you , notexactly an epitaph but amusing none the less. if($life == null && $fun == "had")        {     die("happy camper");     […]

2 Years and counting

I've been blogging for 2 years now… since 19th January 2002. I don't say much of interest and I don't say much amusing but I do say stuff and that is what matters… Sya . so untill next anniversary.. sya (hopefully I'll be interesting by then : ) )

Freak someone out.

Customizing Firebird even more with CSS…. You can override a pages css with this and also block flash and images and all sorts… If you detest blinking text.. you can now turn it off. It's really neat. I uploaded a whole load of new mp3s to my iRiver so i now have 2030 songs totalling […]


Now and then after a big purchase, I get uneasy…. I start noticing products that are better or cheaper. This does my head in and has happened with 3 of the 4 last big purchases. Pentax Optio S: has dropped from $800 to $579 in 6 months and there  is now an S4 with 4 […]


As you can see I am running amock with PhotoShop on the iBook (all the photos used are my own), There is so many features, it's not even funny and trying to experiment with it for only a few minutes a day is by no means enough. I came a cross a fun site today […]

ILife 04

It's not often I fork out money for software, but today I ordered iLife 04 in my local AppleCenter. It cose $80 AU which is about 45 Euro. For that you get iPhoto 4(supposedly much much faster than iPhoto 2 – the main reason for buying th iLife suite), iMovie 4 (I definitely want to […]

Dose of the Flu

After a bad dose of the flu, I'm back alive and kicking. It (was) is weird having the flu when it is hot outside all the time, I had a killer sore throat but after some anti-biotics , it seems to have cleared up. I've spent the weekend getting Apache, PHP and MYSQL running on […]