Monthly Archives: December 2003

Three cheers for ’03

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Summary of 2003

Study, Aggreg8, Study,Exams, First Class Honours, Me and Gill 3 years together, Australia, Sydney, East Coast, Sydney again, LAMP Programming, Converted to MAC, IBook, Drunken nights out, SunBurn, Being Rescued, Where has all my money gone?. How has y'all's ers year been, mine was great with finishing uni, and coming away to Australia (more than […]

Christmas in Bondi ’03

Albeit a very different christmas from home, it was a great christmas here, We had a giant dinner on Christmas eve (10 of us) which was really really nice. We then spent the whole of Christmas Day on Bondi beach, It was the busiest beach I have ever been on in my life, The papers […]

Not a good week,

Well Well, It sure wan't a good week for me now was it, I lost all my phone numbers from my phone. I had to be rescued by life guards at Bondi beach on sunday. I went down to the beach with some of the lads and after applying suncream I ran into the sea […]


I have just managed to Delete all my phone numbers on my phone by using iSync incorrectly……………………Arghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!…. and just to rub it in, I've been walking around all morning with a giant hole in the crotch of my jeans……. If only I had a time machine… Please mail me all the phone numbers you think […]

Romeo and Aliases

Romeo is one of the handiest Programs (free of course), It lets you use your Sony Ericsson T68i to ontrol your laptop via bluetooth, there are several plugins, including mouse control, volume control, bluetooth disconnect, DVD player remote, PowerPoint Presentation controller and many more. It means that as I sit watching dvds, I never have […]

Busy Busy Bumble Bee

I've been crazy busy so sorry for the lack of posts. I have been thinking about my trip to asia in may and I found a site detailing the Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur by train trip, which sounds really cool and i reckon i will do that instead of fly. BBC have a new RSS […]

You have got to check out, I tried the Demo and was mega impressed, It's a Virtual linux desktop running inside a java Applet. I was pretty slow but I was still impressed.US$9.95 is pretty steep though (not really but I'm a cheapskate). You can see a screen dump to the left (click to […]

Hey Ho…..

Well I finally made it to 24 . We went on an absolute mad one on saturday and I was severly punished….. shots of god knows what were coming at me from all angles, I did well though lasting through to 6:30. On the right you can see the Bluetooth mouse that all the lads […]

24 Today

2nd December 2003. [ sildenafil citrate 50mg | viagra affects on women | viagra blog | buy pfizer viagra ]