Monthly Archives: November 2003

My Left Foot

It was years since I last watched "My Left Foot", we watched it last night and it was as brilliant as ever. I have been busy in work so I haven't been able to update that much, I did manage a new favicon today (A favicon is the icon that appears to the left of […]

Gooo Jonnnny

At last I win some dollars in Tab (bookies)… only about $20 mind you. For all you England haters out there :). Result aside it was a thrilling match, a fitting final. I watched on a Huge Screen in the Rocks in Sydney with Thousands of English and Australian fans …. really good atmosphere. On […]

Ibook ia a well oiled machine

My Ibook is the sweetest thing I have ever used. I have all the needed software installed now. Browsers: Firebird (Default), Safari, Camino, IE (arghhh!!!!) Email: Thunderbird (Default), Mail, Entourage. Chat: iChat (AIM), MSN, ICQ, Chatzilla Graphics: Photoshop, iPhoto, iResize Dev: Zend Studio, BBEdit, XCode Multimedia : iTunes, Audion, VLC, DVDPlayer, OggDrop Others: Transmit (FTP), […]

Ibook OSX 10.3

Here i am with my first update from my brand new ibook…. woo hooo, this thing is sooo sweeeeet

Blue Mountains trip

Gill an myself went to the Blue Mountains for a long weekend last weekend. it was really really good and was great to get away from the city, We saw all the waterfalls, cliffs and went to see the Jenolan caves too. We also went horseriding for 3 hours (my muscles are still aching from […]


My graduation was yesterday but understandably I couldn't go (As I am here in OZ). Well done to everybody.. Ste, Paddy, Donal, Rob, Ronan, Neil and all the others… :). I would have liked to have been there but alas, maybe i'll do a Masters just so i can go to the ceremony. So from […]

I can’t stand the suspense

First Off .. this is my 312th Blog Entry since January 19th 2002. Quite proud of that. Second and more importantly .. I have ordered a 12" iBook. WooHooo. You might be wondering why I got a mac: It was cheap $2320(Euro 1412) for a fully spec'd notebook. Mac OSX (Panther) is based on Unix. […]

17 – 16

Australia beat Ireland but we are still through to the quarter finals (I win $15 because of that, UPDATE : Turns out I would have won $32 but it seems the bookie placed the bet for ireland to win their group and not just to get to the quarter final ). All the lads are […]