Monthly Archives: October 2003

Gallery back up and running

Finally ImageMagick was installed on the webserver so I can start putting new images on the Gallery. I have put all of the Australia Zoo (Australia Zoo Official site)ones up and a good few new East Coast ones. I'll be putting more up over the next few weeks, after work and during lunch… I still […]

PDC 2003

There is massive , that's MASSIVE, talk on the net about the PDC (Professional Developers Conference) 2003 currently going on in Los Angeles, I would love to be there, it sounds awesome. There is also huge talk about the the next release of  windows (codename longhorn) which isn't even out for a coule of years… […]

B’Day wishes

Supp Y'all, it's Gill's birthday this saturday (she's 24) so happy birthday to her. We're going to go to blue mountains next weekend which i am really looking forward to. I forgot to mention that last week we rented (well Alan and Jean [flat mates] did and we crashed the party) a small boat, to […]

2,240 results

I caught myself ego-surfing (more precisely ego-searching) today andfound that aggreg8 had 2,240result returned by Google, That ispretty impressive seeing as Aggreg8was originally a UNI project. I have cheekily added a PAYPAL Donate linkto the footer of If I get a few donations it might kick meinto doing some more work on it (when […]


Isn't that just brilliant, I spend time learning to write search plugins and then i come across the site with tons and tons of search plugins. It is really cool, they have everything there.  Since this is only my owrk machine and not my personal one, I have started to keep track of my […]

I hate Pop ups

I hate, dislike, abhor, abominate, allergic to, anathematize, be loath, be reluctant, be sorry, can't stand, contemn, curse, deprecate, deride, despise, detest, disapprove, disdain, disfavor, dislike, disparage, down on, execrate, loathe, nauseate, object to, recoil from, scorn, shudder at, shun, spit upon, spurn …… pop-up windows…If I click on a link, I want to go […] Search Plugin

I got a Search Plugin working in Firebird. Simply extract the archive ( to your MozillaFirebird/searchplugins directory and restart. You will then have the choice to search as well as Google and DMOZ. UPDATE: I just wrote an Acronym Finder Plugin , ( and also a TEOMA search Plugin (  Enjoy

Paint Shop Pro

Messing about in Paint Shop pro today I came up with this masterpiece. I really want  to learn PhotoShop but I have no time, Thinking about it I might (If I ever get time .. learn Gimp properly as it's Open Source and Cross Platfrom (GTK) and Supposedly as good as PhotoShop). seems to […]

MYSQL Search Replace

I wrote this to search and replace any entries on a text string with another text string. It searches all fileds in all tables of the $dbname specified. [code lang="php"] < ? $dbname = "proche"; $result = mysql_list_tables($dbname); while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($result)) { $table_name= $row[0]; $fields = mysql_list_fields($dbname, $table_name, $link_id); $columns = mysql_num_fields($fields); for ($i […]

Yahoo RSS Search

You can now search Yahoo news (Yahoo & RSS) and receive the results in RSS see blog entry . I use Aggreg8 more and more now when I get free time to read blogs. I really like it but I do aggree that there is a lot of work to be done (after all […]