Monthly Archives: August 2003

The Purple Philfeather bird.

phil The Purple Philfeather bird, rare and near extinction!
Courtesy Of Gary Bermingham:

This bird is native to the grasslands of Australias East coast. It is very rare to see this bird during daylight as it does not move in a flock. It feeds off carcasses of small mice and baby rackoons. The purple Philfeather bird is recognised for its high pitched chirp! If you spot this bird, step on it!

New Dream laptop

philI had a dream laptop which was the Toshiba Libretto L5 (My dad has this one) but now it is the Sony Vaio TR1/B with integrated DVD/CD-RW, 802.11b wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and much more. Hopefully when I am travelling through Asia on my way back home I can pick it up a bit cheaper.

For those of you that haven't already.. set up your BBC Fantasy League Team. All the lads here (sydney) have done it so it should be a good laugh. As y'all might know, I don't really know that much about The Premier League so I'm sure I'll get ridiculed when te lads see my team. I'll do a post of all the lads teams so everybody can see who's got who.

I am now the proud owner of the domain name. Why do I need another Domain name?…

  1. It's only US$8.95 a year.
  2. Means that anybody who wants to contact me, all they have to do is remember my name ie. "philroche".

Currently it redirects to this site which means that to get to this site, all you have to do is enter "philroche" in the address bar and press CTRL + ENTER (works on most browsers)… et voila!!


Man I am stoked (OZy term for proud). Check out,3973,1228694,00.asp , a review of 6 RSS aggregators, and Aggreg8 is featured receiving the second best grade of 7/10. It's a pretty good review too. I have had some interest in people helping out with some of the bugs which is great and hopefully someting will come out of it as I have absolutely no time at the moment and if I spent all my off-work time in the internet cafe…Gill would kill me.

Sydney Swans

phil Myself, Gill and Dave went to an AFL game last night. Absolutely amazing. There was 72,393 people there, at the Telstra stadium (the one that was built for the Olympics). We got student tickets for $13 on the internet and nobody checked for student anywhere (I'll be doing that again). We were cheering for the Sydney Swans but they lost unfortunately. Work is going great lately and I'm learning loads. I kept forgetting last week, but congrats to my brother Peter who passed his leaving cert. Jean (that lives with us) bought a fish yesterday so we now have a pet in the house, that apartment is looking so good now, that I doubt anybody will want to leave when our lease is up in 5 months. Anyway keep th emails coming. Sya

What am I up to??

PHP File Upload
Firebird Extensions (Note that Aggreg8 appears there 😉 )
CVSNT (CVS for Windows)
Tortoise CVS (Windows CVS client)
ViewCVS (CVS Web Front End)
ViewCVS Windows Installer

I've been up to loads more but for now you'll have to content yourself with those links.