Monthly Archives: July 2003

Settling in.

We arrived safely in Sydney and have moved into our appartment… really nice one (big up to Jean who found it) . We bought a bed in Salvation army and a fridge from a second hand store. Today we got a TV, VCR, Hoover and a body board from a bloke with 2 garages full […]

Newcastle and Sydney

I'm in Newcastle now (just north of Sydney). We planned on staying here tonight but there doesn't seem to be any campsites here so we'l head south on the coast. Tomorrow morning is when we head into Sydney… that should be a laugh a we are nearly guaranteed to get lost (Gill's navigator). Looks like […]

Internet Cafe with Linux

I'm in Byron Bay now….. on a Linux Box… the first one I've ever seen in an internet cafe. Typical when all I want is MSWord. They have Netscape 6 running so I took the liberty of installing Aggreg8 (which as I already knew doesn't work on Netscape or on non-Admin Linux boxes but it's […]

Big up

Big up from Surfers Paradise y'all………. once again a reminder for those of you who don't have my OZ mobile number yet +61 (0)415 519 064 ……… sya

New Photos

More Photos up……… only 5 for today. They are from Whitehaven beach. Ignore my glaring white body…………. I am unable to tan my belly….it's a simple as that!!! Update: loads new photos up now. From Atherton Tablelands to Airlie Beach.

Brisbane baby, Brisbane

Best thing in OZ so far…………. this internet cafe…. it's wicked. people playing games on 19" screens in huge fancy leather chairs and the sound at full volume. And it's only $3.60 a hour for super fast internet. (Whitehaven beach is actaully the best thing I've seen in OZ). We're her in Brisbane for 3-4 […]

Hervey Bay

After two of the longest days of driving we are now in Hervey Bay. We stayed one night in Rockhampton and a super steak in the cattle capital itself (Rockhampton that is). Yesterday was a long drive , 4 1/2 hours through some very boring busland scenery. No wildlife apart from loads of roadkill , […]


I is in Mackay now just north of Rockhampton. Yesterday we went on a day trip to Whitehaven beach from Airlie. It was absolutely amazing. The most perfect beach I have ever seen. No stones, no seaweed…. white sand and perfect turquoise waters. Unbeleivable. We're staying here in Mackay for one night and then down […]

Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach: The weather is great and I am nicely toasted (in the sunburned sense). We spent a couple of days in Mission beach since I last posted. We by chance met up with Dave and Lisa (Dave sans clown pants) which was cool. A bbq and a few bevvies and a few walks in […]

Photos Galore

More Photos up…. Cairns, the Dive course and the start of our trip south.