Monthly Archives: June 2003

First class Honours

First class Honours… yeah baby

Fitzroy is pants

It cost a fortune, teh weather was shit, the accomadation was dire, the food was dire ……………….. if it's not goint to be the best weather in the world. Don't bother going to Fitzroy Island. If you haven't got money to burn on sea kayaking and scuba gear .. all there is to do is […]

Philip has plan

Finally I have a plan…… 3 day get-away to Fitzroy Island next monday. 5 day diving course starts on Thursday when we get back. 2 of the 5 days are here in Cairns and 3 of them are out at sea. We picked a really good (and expensive [we managed to get 10% off so […]


I'm in Cairns now, and the sun is only burning me to a crisp already. We are staying in Dreamtime Travellers Rest which is really nice but we have to walk through a dorm to get to our room which means trying to be very quiet when I am pissed. Also everything can be heard […]


We're off to Cairns tomorrow, I'll update more soon

Yup Yup

Still in Bondi, just waiting for our ATM cards to be delivered and then we're off to Cairns, I'll update then.

Brisbane ? Cairns ?

We're off to Brisbane or cairns next week to get away from the cold weather in Sydney adn also to try and beat the whole gettoing stuck in Sydney trap. Sydney is great , don't get me wrong but there is the fabled "getting stuck in Sydney trap" where you just get stuck here and […]


Bondi y'all Bondi …. Yeah baby.. that's all I can muster right now..

Off Tomorrow

I'm off tomorrow morning folks do I'll see you all soon.. have a good one y'all.

Finished College for good… this is me outside the computer building just after finishing my Project Demo which went well if you're wondering. I've been celebrating for the last weekend and I am still suffering….never again (yeah right!!). I built another website for a friend of my mams , It's pretty neat and it […]