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Monthly Archives: May 2003


I spent all of today and last night getting Gary's new webiste up and running. http://www.pavlovsdogmedia.com/ It is be no means finished but the shell is there for hime to work on. There is some really cool graphics. Not many film clips up yet but there is two, one from the “River Rooney” mocumentary and […]

Exams over

Right then, my exams are over, 1 good and 2 OK ones. Had a good night out to celebrate….. I've been doing some small bits of work for aggreg8. Not directly related but in the same area as Aggreg8. As you can se on my main page you can see on the right hand side […]


A Chelsea Garden Show contestant is a mate of ste's dad and it is our mission for him to win the people's choice awards. You can vote at http://garden.ste.org. It only takes a second to vote…. vote for the “lazy Salad days”.


An excerpt from a hey from ste a rooooter is a piece of networking equipment a raowter is a tool used in woodworking ste Blott take note

Time out

It is so damn hard to get back inot the study routine after a couple of days off. I am now battling with Security protocols as the exam is on Friday. My first two exams , Multimedia and OO Design went ok, multimedia better than OO but we'll have to wait and see. We have […]

Ford Fiesta XR2i For Sale

 Gill is selling her car so if anybody is interested I have put an advert up on the web. http://xr2i.philroche.net . It is a sweet car…well worth the money. Update It seems this page has been getting alot of hits… so sorry to say but this car has been sold

Longhorn Screenshots

LongHorn, the next version of windows, has had some screenshots of itself taken http://www.etplanet.com/windows/longhorn/ .

Lack of posts

Sorry about the lack of posts folks but I am very busy with study for my finals. I did find http://www.wikipedia.org though which is great and well worth a look. Wiki websites are on the up. I will however never make Philroche.net a Wiki website as frankly my mates would destroy it. Wiki website is […]

IE Domain Registry


Project due tomorrow

Too Tiredddd ………must sleep… All of project is now finished.. check out Aggreg8.net.