Monthly Archives: May 2003

phil I spent all of today and last night getting Gary's new webiste up and running.

It is be no means finished but the shell is there for hime to work on. There is some really cool graphics. Not many film clips up yet but there is two, one from the “River Rooney” mocumentary and one from “The Kilogram”. Where he got the name from I have no idea but he likes it. I registered and got hosting from the good people at For 150 a year for unlimited disk space you can't go wrong. I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking at hosting a website.

Exams over

Right then, my exams are over, 1 good and 2 OK ones. Had a good night out to celebrate….. 🙂
I've been doing some small bits of work for aggreg8. Not directly related but in the same area as Aggreg8. As you can se on my main page you can see on the right hand side a Blogroll. This is a list of all the weblogs that I read often (not many there yet, but I'll get to that soon). This list is completely updateable on my Control panel. You can also see that below the blogroll are two links. One for OPML and one for Aggreg8, These are links to my Blogroll in those formats. I'm not too sure about the OPML one but it looks right. The Aggreg8 one is perfect and can be imported into any Aggreg8 you have running , This is handy as the released version of Aggreg8 come with no subscriptions added (this is done on purpose). I might, if I ever get time, post the code for the setting up this webbased Blogroll and Aggreg8 script (PHP and MySQL based).

I'm now busy writing an Aggreg8 FAQ and touching up the Aggreg8 website. FAQ should be finished by Thursday night and then I have the project demo on Friday at 4pm. then my friends I am off to OZ…….


An excerpt from a hey from ste

a rooooter is a piece of networking equipment
a raowter is a tool used in woodworking

ste Blott take note

Time out

It is so damn hard to get back inot the study routine after a couple of days off. I am now battling with Security protocols as the exam is on Friday. My first two exams , Multimedia and OO Design went ok, multimedia better than OO but we'll have to wait and see. We have been assigned our demo dates , so I will be giving my demonstration on Aggrge8 on Friday 30th may to Brian Stone and Rory O'Conner which should be OK.

I am all set for OZ, now I have all my flights booked and paid for and travel insurance paid for, I have finally got my Digital Camera (which is super sweet- Pentax optio S), Booked Accomadation in Sydney for the first week to get settled, Got my shots against Typhoid and the likes ,loads of clothes purchased etc etc. I can't bloody wait…………. Phil Roche starts a new life in less than 3 weeks. wooohoooo.

Lack of posts

Sorry about the lack of posts folks but I am very busy with study for my finals.
I did find though which is great and well worth a look. Wiki websites are on the up. I will however never make a Wiki website as frankly my mates would destroy it.
Wiki website is a website where anybody can edit the page's content.