Monthly Archives: March 2003

Test HTML Special Characters

Testing new Special Character handling á. It seems that XML does not like some characters so i have had to change these characters to their Hexadecimal equivalents. The most comprehensive list of HTML Characters I have found is and . I've added the What's a Weblog? link to the main page. This […]

Resource Hacker is a brilliant tool I found when I came across Mozilla Splash screens. MozillaNews has instructions on how to use Resource Hacker to change the Splash screen. It is really simple. MozillaNews also has a few examples of alternative splash screens that you could use. Being the Soppy Git that I am I have […]

Personal Digital Cert.

With so much talk of certificates in Security protocols i decided to get myself one. Thwate offer them for free here . To view details of your cert go here. It's free for a personal Cert. which is what I have requested, it's in X509 format which is exactly what we are using in college. […]

Eircom Improve their service

Right then, After all my bitching the other day about ireland and it's backwardness, I have some praise to give to the people of Eircom. I 1901 rang last night to report a fault on our line as the line quality had dropped considerably, both voice and data calls. Eircom ranf me again today at […]

Update,5184,4541,00.html I'll comment on the above later [ buy real cialis | cialis by mail | viagra for sale in gibralter | canada online pharmacy viagra | viagra online store | viagra 100 mg | viagra in mexico | 762c3 generic viagra | viagra injectable | pal pay pill viagra | who […]

Check out, there is some wicked Graphics there. I've been working on Security Protocols all week and I'm headwrecked, I have it basically finished (apart from some niggly bits and error checking). All I have to do now is practically comment on every line of code which with all 12 classes come to well […]

Lidl Rule

As many of you might already know… I love Lidl (the budget supermarket), today just strengthened my love for this wonderful store. Today I bought the memory stick (description here) pictures on the left and the mouse (description here) pictures on the right for €39.99 and €29.99 respectively. Both of which are brilliant prices, and […]

New layout

Well there you go folks, a brand new layout, and as is all the rage at the moment , all the styling is strinctly CSS based (with some Javascript for rollovers etc). I have tried to adhere to te XHTML rules but I'm sure I've breached a few of them along the way , but […]