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St. Peters Dunboyne

Peter (My brother that is) and his school team, St. Peters of Dunboyne, are now Leinster school champions and now go on ot the All-Ireland semi-finals. I am very proud of the young lad (he plays corner back). Well done to him then. The Grange network : Last night I set up my Intranet site […]

New Image gallery.

I've just spent a few hours trying out automatic image gallery generator, mainly from But the one I settled for was . I will be hosting all of my travel pictures here so check it out when I leave…it's  And it's all PHP which is cool and MySQL which is even cooler . […]

Kitchen Sink…..

I haven't posted for a while… mainly because I have been working on Aggreg8 and on my Multimedia Technology Project, I've mentioned it before, an implementation of the LZW compression algorithm, I have it working for ascii text documents, I can compress a 10kb file to a 5kb file. It's pretty cool really. Here's the […]

Redbrick Revamp.

It seems Redbrick have had a revamp of their homepage, check it out I won't be posting here that much from now on, as I will mostly be concentrating on my Aggreg8 weblog. Also Redbrick have enabled their PHP file upload again (it was disabled for security reasons for a few months). I have […]


See where you'll see a mention and a link to my project Aggreg8, at first I thought the "joshua" mentioned" was the Joshua I know from Intel but after further inspection I don't think this is the case. (There is a Joshua on the Mozdev admin team). I am currently in contact with another […]

RSS 1.0 Feed finally live

RSS Feed finally up and functional at last after much talk , I pulled a "most of the nighter" to get it up and running, A link to it will always be on the main page and also on the weblog page just click on the "RSS Valid" image like the one to the right. […]

Results out today

The Exam results are out today (should be out by now [4pm]) so I am head wrecked. I'll post the minute I get them, I have been doing loads of research for my 4th Year project (Aggreg8). As I have mentioned before you can follow my progress on my Aggreg8 weblog. 4th Year First Semester […]

Bush gets it……

Please George can we go to war, please, please, please, please…..(click on link below) George's reasons for war are not what he makes them out to be…….(click on the link below)

Hilarious MP3s

02-05 boom sya..

My Car passed her NCT test today no bother to her. I now have a road legal car untill February 2005. Which is great as it will still be fine by the time I get back from OZ. I am starting to get stresed out already about college with projects coming up already. Our security […]