Monthly Archives: December 2002

Too damned Busy

Sorry folks too damned busy to stop. Busy working on my weblogs essay check it out here. [ buy viagra now online | discount generic viagra | should i chew cialis | cheapest viagra world ]

Weblogs What, How and Why?

I keep a weblog at (the one you are reading). I always get abuse from my mates for posting my weblog but they read it. I know they do, as I have seen the access log. But they still ask me, what's a weblog and why do you post one?, who would want to […]

Driving License madness

Well it seems that the licensing authority are going easier on the people sitting their tests…No I'm only messing. Peter (my brother) passed his theory test, Gary passed his driving test (I dont' think it was the first attempt) and Jean (Al Keogh's bird passed first time). All this happened in the last week. Well […]


New tyres tomorrw woo hooo. As it has started to get frosty on the roads lately I have decided to get new tyres…The reason for this my friends is that skidding around a bend is not much fun. I've been going hell for leather to try and get my functional spec finished by next tuesday […]

Domain names explained.

Dave was asking me before how you go about purchasing a domain name so I thought I'd post how to go about this. Firstly the cheapest comapny I have found for registering a domain name is . It costs $8.95 per year for your domain. For this you get your domain name registered in […]

Here I am in Linux again.

It's been so long since I've been playing on Linux but at least now I have a proper web browser here namely the much talked about Mozilla 1.2 which I have just installed. I am also messing about with Apache trying out different things. I was also able to get the network card working, which is […]


Check out Lindows, An alternative to Windows. Walmart online are selling $199 PCS loaded with Lindows and they are selling like hotcakes. [ buy inurl viagra viagra | online viagra next day delivery | how quick does a cialis work | real cialis ]

Lack of posting

Well I can safely say that being 23 is no different to being 22. I've been hard at work trying to get all my projects done before the end of term (and before the deadlines of course). At the minute I ma working on my functional spec for Aggreg8, you can see it here. Thanks […]

23 yesterday

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Exam Timetable

Module Module Description Exam Date Start Time Room CA421 Software Metrics & Object Oriented Design 13-JAN-03 930 XG14 CA437 Multimedia Information Retrieval 15-JAN-03 1400 MH(Helix) CA419 Database 1:Relational Theory & Multidatabase 22-JAN-03 930 XG01 CA416 Cryptography 23-JAN-03 930 Main Hall CA431 Digital Signal Processing 1 24-JAN-03 1400 L125 [ no prescription viagra | female equivalent […]