Monthly Archives: November 2002

Vodafone Sucks

Vodafone sucks!!!. They just hiked up the prices of text messages to britain without telling me, I had to find out on my statement a month later. It now costs a whopping 25c to send a single text message to a foreign number compared to the previous 13c. To think, with NTL you can ring […]

Yup ….. new logo and new url The logo is courtesy of Alan keogh ( After I finish this Project I aim to put it up on for further development and it is therefore I have purchased the Domain name. [ viagra produced in mexico | map of france with cialis | who […]

Meath U.17s

Peter(my brother) got called up to the Meath U.17s on saturday which is a big boost to the Roche footballing clan. Now we have both palyed a county match for our county (they were both friendly matches but they still count). His manager commended him on his game so hopefully he'll be called up again […]

Software design project finished

Finally I finished my Software and Metrics project. The Documentation is here for any of you that are interested. I'm out tonight to yet again celebrate Alan Sheedy going to OZ…hopefully it won't be as mad as last weekend. I don't think my body can handle another one of those weekends. I got a book […]

C++ C++ C++

C++ coming out my frikkin ears but it all seems to be going well now though, and I'm on track to reach my efficiency week goals. [ viagra aus usa | viagra viagra nude | viagra cartoon | discount brand name cialis | viagra buy in uk online | cialis arterial fibrillation | discount […]

Galway sets benchmark.

Toooo tirreedd too tyyppe ….will update later. Update:- What a wicked weekend our trolleys we were the whole bleddy lot of us especially that Dooley fella and David Bernie; was he even in Galway. For me that weekend set a benchmark for nights out to live up to. From the copious amounts of beer […]

Carnage…(non-alcoholic kind)

Absolute carnage last night trying to get home from college due to the lake-like floods. I eventually gave up after trying all the roads that i knew and stayed in Conor Oddballs house for the night. I headed off at 10am this morning trying to get home from the east side but alas no joy […]

C++ nightmares all over again.

Again I feel the wrath of the dreaded C++. I had an application that I had written and compiled in a previous version of Microsoft visual studio and when i tried to compile it again on the new visual studio .NET , all hell broke loose with error messages letting loose all over the place. […]

It’s sooo pretty

How are things then folks?All (I'm probably talking to myself here)looking forward to Galway I hope… I definitely am. I went to the gym for the first time in months yesterday and boy did I burn. We did circuits and, although I am a naturally fit (cardio anyway) I was absolutely in bits. I think […]

College is shit I’m leaving.

I refer you again to my project deadlines here, and then to the date which is 12th November. Too much going on. I will be pushing some of my self inflicted final year project deadlines back me thinks. On a lighter note I'm 23 in 20 days. I hope you lot are saving…. I'll be […]