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Monthly Archives: October 2002

Project Fell Through

Well the first project that I had planned with Intel has fallen through but I have a new project with intel in the Pipline that I am very interested in. The new project is an RSS feed reader and weblog poster. I hope to integrate it with MS Outllok 2002. I will write the application/add-in […]

Back after a weekend away in England.

A mad rush on friday morning to try and get the Ulysses ( the largest car ferry in the world ). I watched a "road to perdidtion" in the boats cinema on the way over… I wouldn't recommend it. The weather on Sunday was terrible , I heard that the Ulysses didn't even go. Looks like […]

Where is my boat??.

Again a traffic jam outside my house when I left this morning. I found out the reason for the queues is flooding (My mam messed up her alarm by driving through a lake). I eventually got to the turn for the back roads that I wanted to take to beat all the traffic. I was […]

1 hour 20 mins

1 hour 20 minutes, that is how long it took to get to college this morning and I left at 7:40 am. Now that is just crazy. The minute I left my house and got onto the road I was in a traffic jam…and I live in the middle of nowhere. I reckon I will […]

Below freezing

Well maybe not below freezing but it was damn cold this morning, first ice covered windscreen I've seen this year. I have been messing about with my PC now for the last two days trying to Windows XP to be my main OS. I first uninstalled windows XP, (Formatted it's partition). then I tried to […]

Most Expensive book ever

 Today I paid more than I have ever paid for a book before 69.40. It's a very good book though and I hope well worth it, not just for college but for the future too.

Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming or XP (as it is called) says to pretend you are not a smart as you think you are, and wait until this clever idea of yours is actually required before you take the time to bring it into being. Extreme Programming Mantra : "You're not going to need it" Another Good Programming […]

New PC

Hello there folks, I am now blogging from the new PC I set up over the weekend. The PC is for my brother and my mother. It cost just 539 (excluding monitor). AMD Duron 1200+ Processor 256MB DDR SDRAM memory DVD ROM CDR/RW On-board LAN On-board Sound On-board Graphics 56kbps Modem Keyboard Mouse 60GB 7200rpm […]

No time to do anything.

College is in full swing again; I don't seem to have time to do anything else bar college work and it is only the second week, I can see the year being a tough one. I haven't really started studying yet but I have made my 4th year project page and also my college webpage. […]


http://www.bmwworld.com/bmw/history/ . BMW stands for "Bayrische Motorenwerke", German for "Bavarian Motor Factory". I found this quote in a Software Process Article I was reading : "The sooner you fall behind, the more time you will have to catch up."