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Project Fell Through

Well the first project that I had planned with Intel has fallen through but I have a new project with intel in the Pipline that I am very interested in. The new project is an RSS feed reader and weblog poster. I hope to integrate it with MS Outllok 2002. I will write the application/add-in and web service in C#. I will use SQL server 2000 and Visual studio.NET to achieve this.
Update as of 01 November 2002:
phil The project has changed yet again. I will now be developing a news aggregator using XUL which is an XML language used for User Interfaces in the Mozilla Browser. XUL uses ECMA script as it's scripting language. ECMA script is a stricter version of Javascript and is sometimes referred to as Javascript. Check out to find out more about XUL.

Back after a weekend away in England.

philA mad rush on friday morning to try and get the Ulysses ( the largest car ferry in the world ). I watched a "road to perdidtion" in the boats cinema on the way over… I wouldn't recommend it. The weather on Sunday was terrible , I heard that the Ulysses didn't even go. Looks like AL sheedys weekend away on November 16th is going to be great

Where is my boat??.

phil Again a traffic jam outside my house when I left this morning. I found out the reason for the queues is flooding (My mam messed up her alarm by driving through a lake). I eventually got to the turn for the back roads that I wanted to take to beat all the traffic. I was flying down one road when hello mississippi…This flood was huge; spanning for a couple hundred of metres. I did a 'U'y and flew down another tiny road i know when out of nowhere another lake. I was so surprised to see it, I skid about 4 metres into it. I reversed out and another expert 'U'y was performed and I went to find another tiny road that I believe existed..I eventually found it (hard to find as it only has room for one car..and a small one at that.) So after all this hoo har and some very inventive driving it took me an hour to get in to DCU. I've decided to invest my Australia money in a light aircraft.

Check out the Helix webiste. The Helix is the new Arts centre in DCU .

1 hour 20 mins

phil 1 hour 20 minutes, that is how long it took to get to college this morning and I left at 7:40 am. Now that is just crazy. The minute I left my house and got onto the road I was in a traffic jam…and I live in the middle of nowhere. I reckon I will have to leave at about 7am soon just so i can miss some of the mad traffic. I found this site today where you can look at cameras of dublin traffic.

Below freezing

Well maybe not below freezing but it was damn cold this morning, first ice covered windscreen I've seen this year.

phil I have been messing about with my PC now for the last two days trying to Windows XP to be my main OS. I first uninstalled windows XP, (Formatted it's partition). then I tried to upgrade Win 98 to XP. This seemed to be going ok untill I logged in. It was then I was bombarded with a rally of error message, software is not supported, drivers don't work. I got most of it working but there was still some problems with outlook express and outlook. I eventually sorted this by reupgrading windows, reinstalling internet explorer and outlook express (a lot of messing in the registry). Then i found another problem….windows explorer would not read my dvd drive. I tried to re-upgrade to XP and it was then everything got fucked up. I couldn't boot to windows anymore (even in safe mode) and Linux was not booting either. I eventually got into Linux using the install CD. I then got all the files i thought I wanted to save from the mounted windows partition (looking back I forgot loads). I then did a clean install of Windows XP which to my delight worked fine and I was able to boot into Linux fine after it too. I went into Linux and put my files back on the recently formatted windows partition. Super Duper I said untill I realised all the software I would have to install again. I spent all day yeaterday installing programs and i have just downloaded loads in college to install later. With look I will be good to go tomorrow sometime. What a Hoo Har. I'll have to catch up next week on college stuff.

Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming
or XP (as it is called) says to pretend you are not a smart as you think you are, and wait
until this clever idea of yours is actually required before you take the time to bring it into being.

Extreme Programming Mantra :

"You're not going to need it"

Another Good Programming Practice Quote:

Some years ago, Harlan Mills proposed that any software system should be grown by
incremental development. That is, the system first be made to run, even though it
does nothing useful except call the proper set of dummy subprograms. Then, bit by
bit, it is fleshed out, with the subprograms in turn being developed into actions
or calls to empty stubs in the level below.

Nothing in the past decade has so radically changed my own practice, and its

One always has, at every stage, in the process, a working system. I find that
teams can grow much more complex entities in four months than they can build.
— From "No Silver Bullet" [Brooks 1995]

New PC

Hello there folks,
I am now blogging from the new PC I set up over the weekend. The PC is for my brother and my mother. It cost just 539 (excluding monitor).

  1. AMD Duron 1200+ Processor
  2. 256MB DDR SDRAM memory
  3. DVD ROM
  4. CDR/RW
  5. On-board LAN
  6. On-board Sound
  7. On-board Graphics
  8. 56kbps Modem
  9. Keyboard
  10. Mouse
  11. 60GB 7200rpm Hard Disk
  12. Standard Case

There was a few teething problems while setting it up but it is fine now and running ultra quick. It's the first PC that i built myself so there one thing off my “to do before I die” list.

No time to do anything.

College is in full swing again;
I don't seem to have time to do anything else bar college work and it is only the second week, I can see the year being a tough one. I haven't really started studying yet but I have made my 4th year project page and also my college webpage. These took a while as I wanted them to look professional for when I get to Demo my Project.
College Webpage
4th Year Project