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If anybody is wondering

I'm off to england for the weekend.

Intel Fab Tour

I went on a Fab tour and the picture to the right is the suit I had to wear on my tour. One of the engineers that we work with showed me around the fab, telling me about how all the process works. Very interesting. I found which I ; from what i have […]

I thank you….

Hello folks how are things?. To the right you can see Kermit getting it on ooooohhh yeeahhh!!!. A counterfeit Oakley Glasses shop, they look real good, I might get a pair, I'd rather that than paying the whopping $300 a pair for the real one. Another Irish computer Online store like . […]

911 approaches again????

Here is a picture I found on which has hundreds of World Trade center and 911 pictures and stories. Quite sad really. I had a meeting with my manager today about a possible fourth year project. One based on Adaptive Education Systems. (AES), especially the adaptive rule engine used to serve hypermedia content to […] that is the name and website for new proposed web solutions company. It is not yet decided what this company will do but at least now I have a name and website(which at the moment is just a brief introduction to the proposed company). The name is my first attempt so I'l think about […]

Age Discrimination. are launching a campaign to highlight the fact that the insurance companies of ireland are breaking the law by discrimating against people under the grounds of age. Click Equality Act 2000 (pdf) to view the equality act 2000 which states that people should not be discrimated against because of age. Check out for […]

Insurance companies are wankers!!

Yet again I have to go through the rigmarole of trying to get a quote for insurance on the car. and yet again I am being refused left right and center due to age or the fact that i had a theft claim a year and a half ago. I have been in touch with […]

BBC 1Xtra

Check out . All your R&B on one online radio station.

New wysiwyg blogger now live.

I now have a What you see is what you get (wysiwyg) blogger editor on my site. It's really cool, You can see exactly what your blog will look like. I robbed and adapted the code from the radio Userland blogging tool on . Below you can see the Islands where my cousins live […]

Animated Gifs

Check out this sitewith some really funny Animated Gifs