Monthly Archives: July 2002

New Chat board

As you might have seen, There is a new chat board. It absolutely kicks ass and i hope we use it as much as we did the last one. The old on is still around at but I do encourage you to use the new one which is at Thank you people and […]

Philip Philip Philip.

Yes that is my name…… I'm real busy in work now so having the bank holiday weekend will be a godsend. The link for today relates to Australia and the fact that we are all going there within the next year or so. . there doesn't seem to be alot of activity on the […]

Kilkenny Rules ……..I think

Well after a brilliant weekend (from what I can recall anyway) it's back to hard graft again. thnak again to Frank for suggesting the get away. well worth it even if I have a few moments that i cringe being when I fell down the step from the jacks onto a couple who were […]

Football Tournent

We are having our third and fourth match in our Intel 6 a side tournent today so we are all anxious to win these as that means we are automatically through to the semi-finals. Come on PLS. I in the middle of writing my work-term report now for DCU so that is keeping me busy. […]

OOooops I’ve been slacking

Well an update, Last night I went to the Dogs in Harolds cross with work which was great fun, but I was down €15 in the end, the biggest loser of the night was €60 so I wasn't too bad. Update on the XP front….done boom sya…. I now have Windows 98, Windows XP and […]

I have two great sites for you…. is absolutely hilarious and then there is where you can rent DVD's for as long as you want.

Ryanair, Microsoft and Microsoft

First:I forgot to mention how impressed I was with Ryanair when i flew with them last week. The turn around time of the planes was phenomenal and every thing ran smoothly, I will definitely be using them again and for 26 from manchester to Dublin who can complain?.Second:Microsoft, I bought the Microsoft Wireless intellimouse Explorer […]

Company names,

I've been a bit bored today so I have been making up some possible company nes :glidingcow, bluezed, purplecup, thatviking, thatzed. These nes are available as dot coms, not many are i can tell you.My favourite is bluezed as the logo is really self explanatory eh?.

Guess who’s back, Granny’s back.

Back in Eire again, after a long weekend off, I come home to find Enda gone off to MYB again, Stories of witness being brilliant and a mountain load of emails. Well I hope y'all have been well and had a good one. I had a great weekend, I went to livepool city, chester city […]


There won't be any updates untill wednesday as i'll be away in england at Gill's graduation. The link for today is wher you can get Tomcat to run your servlets and JSP on your local machine. The second link is incase you want to upgrade your PC. Sya and have a good one […]