Monthly Archives: June 2002


Yup it's that time of the week again. World CUp Final and all that. It really has been the a year of upsets, with all the big nes crashing out of Wimbledon too. I bought a ticket from manchester to Dublin today for 25 on way with Ryanair, I could have got it return for […]


Mmm Mmmm Mmmm . I got my overall year result today and yes ladies and gentlemen it is a beautiful 1:1. How beautiful is that I think very. I was however dissapointed with my Project result, it being 64 but the Overall grade still counts. I have a good link today . It has […]

A productive day whilst being hugely irritating.

My computer must be slowest SOB in the whole muheh fuhhin world, It sounds like a tractor when it starts up and throughout the day makes a very irritating crunching noise. Apart from that I have had a good day, I found a few good sites today the best one is .Today that site […]

Korea Out

Noooooo, I so wanted South Korea to win today. Ah well lets hope the Brazilians win tomorrow eh?.

Sup Y’all

A quiet weekend for Phil, I watched Ali with will smith (not recommended). I praying for South Korea to sink that German U-Boat cos if they do it will truly be the world cup of upsets. I heard over the weekend that the South Korean te have been training for the past 4-6 months and […]

England out.

England out and I'm sorry to say that they deserved it, they didn't seem to want to win, with all those long balls that all were too long. Another €5 down the swanny. The longest day of the year today folks so make the most of it, I'm pulling n all night progrming session in […]

Phil and Gaa

I'm playing a ge of GAA tonight for Intel so I hope that goes well and that i not as unfit as I fear I . Nothing else to report today. Sya….football this saturday at 4:30.

New Search Engines Pop up.

There are a number of search engines popping up now trying to compete against . The two best ones I have seen are and . There is also . I have tried these sites a fair bit now but none of them even compete wth google. Google rules.

My Fantasy Team is Shit

I only have 4 players left unless they all score hattricks I think I screwed.

South Korea Rule.

I would love to see the Mayhem over there now, most probably something like the mayhem that we would have seen here on sunday had we won. I one step closer to my €150 payout if South Korea win the World Cup. is the link for today where you can listen to the World […]