Monthly Archives: May 2002

Senegal rule,

I had a gut feeling to bet on Senegal for the match just played, but instead I listened to my boss and put 15 Euro on France, Silly me, the rumours are my boss put $1500 on it , killer eh?. It was a great match to watch anyway. The Fantasy League is now live, […]

Dooleys Fantasy League to go live.

Well I haven't discussed this with Dooley but i have made a start on putting the fantasy league on the web. You can see the player table here: . You can see here you can chose which positions you would like to view.(By clicking on the link in the top row). You can then […]

Conjugal Visit………

Listen to this it is class, I nearly peed myself when I heard it. . That is it for today…..

SirCam Virus

SirCam: The Worm That Won't Die :It turns out the viruses I spoke of in the last weblog are a version of the SirCam virus. A description can be seen here :,1282,46087,00.html and here : . You can see a list of all (well of course not all but many) viruses here : […]

Viruses , Mingers and a whole lot of tornado.

Well let us start with the computer virus link , this is a link to a page that explains the computer virus. .My interest comes after a few viruses coming to my eircom account, Prologex1 and Zoo. I haven't found any documentation on these viruses but if you get them don't open them, I haven't […]

Here I am again

Well Linux has been treating me well tonight, not like last night, 12:30 and none the wiser. Todays link is where you can place as many tax free bets as you want and as little as 50c (suits you Rosie). I'm up for a big weekend so any takers let me know. Yup Yup […]

’tis wednesday ’tis

Always riseto an early meal,but eat your fill before a feast.If you're hungry you have no time to talk at the table. ………….(Viking Quote)Wednesday, a day of weddings perhaps??who knows-; only those who wed!..enough banter now give me back my cornetto soft you hairy mongrel.


Well I'm still having some teething problems with my Linux but nothing that can't be sorted. I might have given this link before but it is very interesting , there you can view how your web page or any page looked like a long time ago. On the archive page they have a link […]

Bulldog is no more.

The british bulldog has passed away while in canada, let us all mourn. What is the story with WWF becoming WWE??. WWE sounds shit. I have a non techy lionk for y'all today : . sya ….

Linux and new hard disk.

I am now packing a whopping 70gb of storage space on mypc. I also have Linux Suse 7.3 installed on one of the partitions. A great operating system !(and cheap too which is always a good thing). I bough the new additional Maxtor hard disk in PC world in Blanchardstown for €130 which is a […]