Monthly Archives: April 2002

It’s all go go go.

Nothing much to say today only “I'll talk to y'all tomorrow”

Well done Ireland

Well Ireland won.( 'nuff said about sport). Todays Link is classic. listen to Homer all day long. I'm hard at work so you'll be lucky if you see me out on Friday ,Yeah Right Go'On you good thing Go'On you good thing.

Ah lihhel suh in suh in.

Well Franks ankle seems to be ok which is good 'cos there is no way I'd do two runs to asto park next week. Congrats to Ronan Daly who is finished his exs this week some time. I've been slaving over the computer learning all new stuff and I can honestly say that my brain […]

News is not personal enough claims Gary.

Big up to all y'all news readers. Well a lazy sunday today watching the Grand-Prix, Will Schuey ever stop winning (not this was written before the end of the race – just in case he doesn't win). I haven't had a chance to perfect my PHP-FTP script but soon I'll have it availbale for use. […]

News has been slack.

I've been busy trying to keep up with all the new stuff I'm learning in work so that's why my news has been slack. You can see some of the testing pages I've been working on at to see the xml-rpc in php and jscript I've worked on. ( I now have the se […]

It’s a different league now.

Meetings, deadlines, courses. It's not like college now I can tell you. It's a good learning experience though, being thrown in at the deep end. Next week I will be writing an application in a language I have never used before and using a technology I have never even heard about. The site I found […]

PHP FTP (too many acronyms)

The too many acronyms refers to Intel and the encyclopedia of acronyms that they have, it's baffling the number of them they have and the fact they think everybody else knows what they are talking about…ah well. The PHP FTP refers to a File Transfer Protocol script that i wrote in PHP. I wrote it […]


As I haven't mentioned before the group I working in is the Performance Learning Solutions department, they deal with all the external and internal e-learning solutions. It's very interesting so far, I was in a room full of 4processor servers today. And ste the network manager was imprressed with the access_log script we wrote when […]

Google Bombs

I've just set up the following page which discusses what google bombing is. The page also offers a tool for you to launch your own Google bomb. This tool is not a means of sabotaging Google, only a means of getting people to your site when they type in the appropriate keywords into google. […]

Nearly 2 weeks, Oh! I do apologise.

Well today saw the first day of employment in Intel. What a complex, The place is absolutely huge. The projects I will be working on sound real interesting, it will mainly for the moment be web backend stuff. I'll get back into the updates now that I hopefully have more time on my hands. If […]