Monthly Archives: March 2002

Astro Turf

Q-Which do you prefer, astro turf or grass?A-I dunno I never smoked astro turf………….I got that joke form my tutor .

Intel baby Intel.

I just got word from Intel that I have secured myself a job with them for Intra working with the Research and Develoent Department and the Software develoent department. This will prove to be one hell of a Paddys weekend , bring on the Alcohol bring it on , come on Cletus bring it on. […]

IRC improved.

On mouseover the IRC link on my home page you can now see who is logged in. The main chat page only holds 20 of the most recent messages , the rest are stored on the previous message page. I have kept the messages in a newest at the top fashion as it is most […]

Users online done, boom.

That didn't take long . I recommment Beginning PHP4 (WROX) to anybody looking to learn PHP , a very good book. Anyway now you can see a list of all the users online at any time , You can see it on the login page and also when you are chatting. Please remember to log […]

Instant chat baby instant chat. it out people , You will now have to log in to post any messages and false nes will be a thing of the past ( well not really ,but we'll be able to find out who it is that is posting slander (Ronan) by looking at their email address). I've worked for a […]

Servlets are go go.

It seems that I had the wrong permissions on my public_html folder for my servlets to work ( obvious if you think about it ). But now they are working so soon you will be seeing a live chat servlet that i have been messing around with and others too. Also hard luck to the […]


A hard day projecting,(if thats a word).All is going well now in the project and I set to have it finished well on time if all goes well . I've got my Intel interview on Wednesday so I'll be studying for that tomorrow. After all my past interviews I'm not holding too much hope for […]

Links are new color.

I have changed the color of my links on my page so that they stand out from the rest of the text. There might be too many colors now though ?.

Project really motoring now.

The project is going real well now and I now able to display results graphically ( with a pie chart and a column chart : very professional looking ). I still have some form validation to do and the ,how many people in your house stuff.Keeping up with the pulp fiction quotes…………..Mia: "Fox Force Five." […]

It’s always something simple .

After spending literally hours trying to find the problem in one of the progrs fro my project , I think I hav found the problem ……a missing ” ” ” . How sickening is that , ah well live and learn. I had something similar happen to me yesterday. The code for the servlet is […]