Monthly Archives: February 2002

Quote I found lurking about. :

As I walk through the valley of death and mystique, I carry the strength the skill, the devastation, and I the meanest motherfucker in the valley, you all want me? Come and get me…The Dragon is here, he is unleashed. Do not doubt me just try me. You got me? You think you got me? […]

Who has been visiting :

I've written a PHP script which lets you see who has been looking at what on You can view this here :- by clicking on the counter on my main page. [ generic viagra online | buy pfizer viagra | x cite herbal viagra for woman | viagra prescription | viagra online kaufen […]

Coolsiva :

Below is the Link to my Dads house that he is selling. Offers welcome > Coolsiva Ballyvaughan Co. Clare [ get viagra fast | cheapest viagra online | viagra online uk | original use of viagra | cheap cialis levitracom viagra | generic viagra | viagra report | buying cialis next day delivery | […]

Project getting overwhelming. :

All the talk of this project being an easy one is now over , delving into the depths of it , it is getting tricky. I can safely say that you won't e seeing me out and about too much . On a lighter note. What do you call a man pointing his gun at […]

Operation Garibaldi. :

I'm working on my project now , my aim is to have it shining with brilliance within the next month (code ne Operation Garibaldi.).An acheivable goal I think . It is going quite well so far with javascript being the language of the day. I also plan on having my new page up and running […]

Exam Results :

MS340 Mathematics (Numerical Analysis/Differ. EQs) 51 CA306 Database Deployment 56 CA314 00 Analysis and Design 72 CA304 Computer Networks 2 97 CA300 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 70 CA321 Operating Systems Design & Implementation 80 Well as you can see the hair crossing worked , I passed all my exs wooohoooo. Now project and get a […]

I’m ICQ’n :

I just registered with ICQ, I thought millions others have why not me. If you see down the bottom right hand corner of my main page you can see my ICQ status .Whether I online or not you can send me an instant message and I will get it next time I log on. It […]

Tis a Friday it is. :

Yes after a hard week of button bashing and job hunting I'm on the proverbial Lock . You will see the new link on my home page "I can see your hard disk" , It's pretty scary ( for me anyway) untill you realise what is happening .I ripped my first DVD yesterday ( well […]

Digifone Dodgyfone :

Well I rang Digifone today to see if I got the job but alas once more I was not successful , nobody in DCU was so I presume that it was a student from another college and my story is that they could start before us and that is why they got the job but […]

A hard day at the button basher, :

I got loads of my project done today and I have an appointment to see my tutor next week to show him my progress. I brought in blank cds and I burning loads of progrs now ,125MB so far and I by no means finished . On my travels around the web today looking for […]